Valhalla Jukebox
We have a great Jukebox full of local and international rock, punk, metal, indie, goth, and some terrible ballad compilations.

CDs are updated due to popularity, the position of the planets, Ben’s CD collection and mood at any given time.

New Zealand titles shown in bold.

ACDC – Ballbreaker
Bulletbelt – Down In The Cold Of The Grave
Bauhaus – In The Flat Field
Angelwitch – Angelwitch
Black Flag – Everything Went Black
Bathory – Blood Fire Death
Bad Religion – All Ages
Cold Chisel – Gold
Cathedral – Forest Of Equilibrium
Cancerbats – Dead Set On Living
Dawn Of Azazel – The Law Of The Strong
Dropkick Murphys – The Singles
Dawn Of The Grey Winter (Slave Compilation)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Keep On Chooglin’
Depths – Revelation
Conan The Barbarian (Official s/t)
Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit
Celtic Frost – Mega
The Cure – G/H
Iron Eagle (official s/t)
Eastern Front – Blood On Snow
Fields Of Nephilim – Elizium
Gutrot – Rough As Guts EP
Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Gorguts – The Erosion Of Sanity
Carnal – Morbid Desires
Black Sabbath – Best Of
DIO – Very Best of
Deep Purple – 30 Years Very Best
Jimi Hendrix – Cornerstones
Exordium Mors – Sacrifice Perish
Guns n Roses – GNR Lies
King Diamond – Abigail
Falkenbach – Magni Blandinn
Doors – The Very Best Of Disc 1
Execrate – All Of One
The Living End – From Here On In
London Online – Compilation
Led Zepellin – Remasters Disc 1
Iron Maiden – Edward the Great
HLAH – Blood On The Honky Tonk Floor
Joy Division – substance
Johnny Cash – Classic Cash
Judas Priest – Turbo
Lynyrd Skynyrd – The essential
Love n Rockets – Earth Sun Moon
Megadeth – Countdown
Malevolence – Almost Like Something Completely Sinister
MANOWAR – Triumph of Steel
Judas Priest – British Steel

Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break The Oath
Napalm Death – Diatribes
Osmium – The Misery Harvest
Pervertor – Into The Alcoholic Abyss
Ministry – Gretest Fits
NIN – Pretty Hate MAchine
King Parrot – Bite Your Head Off
Morbid Angel – Altars
Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks
Rock Ballads Compilation
Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come
Nile – Amongst The Catacombs
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Live Alive
Rad-X – Force Of Will
Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power
RATM – Evil Empire
Product – Someone Else’s Promise
The Ramones – Greatest Hits
Short Haired Rock n Roll Compilation
Red Dawn – Ironhead
RATT – Tell The World
Santana – Greatest Hits
The Pogues – If I should fall from grace
Poison – Doubel Dose
Souixie And The Banshees – Gold
Sepultura – Chaos AD
Sodom – Agent Orange
Thin Lizzy – Dedication
Slayer – Divine Intervention
Orgiastic Rebirth – Corridors Of Repugnant Sufering
Stooges – Funhouse disc 1
Suicidal Tendencies – Lights Camera Revolution
Portal – Swathe
This Night Creeps – s/t
The Stranglers – Singles The U.A Years
Testament – The Very Best Of
Tentacles Of Destruction – Ohm
Sisters Of Mercy – Floodland
Whitehorse – Progression
The Specials – More Specials
SOAD – Toxicity
Ulcerate – Coming Of Genocide
Van Halen – 1984
Twisted Sister – Big Hits Nasty CUts
Best of Wildside Compilation
Van Morrison – Best Of
Starving Millions – 2
Walls Of Jericho – All Hail The Dead
Witchrist – Curses Of Annihilation