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Always never fun 10 years or bust!

April 28, 2018 @ 5:00 am

Always never fun bum is turning 10! Or there abouts so what does a never fun always kinda guy do bout it?!!! Put on a sick as show that’s what!!!! So write in your diary, mark it on the whiteboard, tattoo it on you face! FRIDAY APRIL 27th at Valhalla!! You know the place! THere will be bands, obviously, even some you may have never seen such as the mighty Piggy 🐷 awwww cute, nah they actually called Piggery and that’s not so cute 😢 they’ll also be the party poopers TOTAL RUIN! They don’t just slightly ruin, it’s total people, total! You scared punk? Coz you SHOULD BE! The Hygiene queens Unsatisfactory Napkin are on the bill too ready to rock you, rock you good mother fucker! Plus get ready to be fizzed out like a businessy person working a 80 hour week and all he lives on is smokes, instant coffee and oxo cubes but has a gambling problem so has to live on the wrong side of da tracks coz hecking STRESS GHETTO is gonna bring it too!!! Oh my oh my. Also Rogernomix is playing. So you best start practicing your dance moves in the mirror now, dabbings out people, work on something NEW FOR CHRISTS SAKE! Anyway I have a plane to catch, LITERALLY!!! I’m at the airports bags are packed and they are calling our flight number so I gotta jet, maybe I’ll do some updates maybe I won’t, I’m not sure how good the wifi’s gonna be so your just gonna have cross your fingers and sweat it out!!! Kay love yous!


Will try put band links up soon 😎🇹🇭✈️






April 28, 2018
5:00 am
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